Founder Series

Inspired by the personal likes of the original founders, our Founder's Series offers three beautiful hand sprayed pigmented stains.  Our Classic series offers you the basic white, black and natural.  

Our finishes offer deep, rich beauty while enhancing the natural characteristics of wood.  We use a catalyzed sealer with a water borne ultra violet coating for added protection, durability and appearance.  


Custom Color Finishes

At Component Finishing, we can create the color or look to meet or exceed your expectations.  From opaque solid colors to antique barn wood with distress, we can match the look you desire. 


Sample Information

  1. Provide a color sample if custom
  2. Pick a color on the sample form
  3. Pick your wood specie
  4. Customer must provide wood to be sampled on
  5. Color samples must be signed off by customer
  6. When the sample is approved and purchase order received, we will put your product on schedule. 


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