Welcome to Component Finishing Unlimited, Inc.   

As a new member of this company, we would like you to be aware of our heritage and the direction of this Company.

In 1987 Beverly Tillman, Paul Wright and Ernest Wright started their own business. Each of them brought one of their own children to learn and work in the business.  I was that child. With five original workers plus Bev, Paul, and Ernie, Component Finishing Unlimited was born! We started with one spray booth, one spray gun, and one pressure tank. 

In 1994, we moved from our 30,000 square foot rental building on Bernheim Ln. to a 70,000 square foot building with full size loading docks. We had a setback when the snow storm of 1994 collapsed a section of our roof. We survived through adversity. We all learned what hard work and commitment was early in life. 

From our humble beginnings of spraying nitrocellulose lacquer and varnish acid cure, to automated machinery with ultra violet coatings and instant cure, our family business is proud of our 25 year anniversary. 

We hope our handbook will help you understand the benefits, opportunity and requirements at Component Finishing Unlimited.

If you have any questions about this handbook, please discuss with your supervisor.

Welcome to our company. 


Scott Tillman

Vice President

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Employment Polices & Practices

            Probationary Period

            EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)

            Harassment/Sexual Harassment

            Open Door


            Hours of Work


            Time Card

            Performance & Pay Preview

            Employee Classification


            Employee Benefits



            Health Insurance

            Leave of Absence


                        Jury Duty

                        Military Leave


                        Social Security

Work Area Requirements

Plant Rules and Regulations



Acknowledgment Form

Probationary Period

Each new employee must satisfactorily complete a probationary period of 90 days, measured from his or her initial date of employment.  The employee will not be eligible for or earn any benefits during the probationary period, except that time worked will be credited toward Family and Medical Leave.  At the company’s discretion, the probationary period may be extended on or more times.

During the course of employment, you are free to leave the company at any time for any reason. 

At the successful completion of the 90-day probationary period, the employee becomes an regular employee.  The successful completion of the probationary period, however, does not mean that the employee is guaranteed employment for a specific duration.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Component Finishing provides equal employment opportunity for everyone regardless of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin religious persuasion, marital status, political belief or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions.  In addition, laws regarding veterans’ status are observed.  This is reflected in all Component Finishing practices and policies regarding hiring, training, promotions, transfers, rates of pay, layoff, and other forms of compensation.  All matters relating to employment are based upon ability to perform the job, as well as dependability and reliability once hired.

Note:  Throughout this Employee Handbook, masculine pronouns such as he, his or him shall be construed so as to include both sexes. 


Component Finishing intents to provide a work environment that is pleasant, healthful, comfortable and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses, which might interfere with work performance.  Harassment of any sort – verbal, physical, and visual – will not be tolerated.

Sexual Harassment

We maintain a strict policy at Component Finishing prohibiting sexual harassment at all times.

Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other physical, verbal conduct on sex constitutes sexual harassment when:

Sexual harassment may include such as sex-oriented verbal “kidding”, “teasing”, innuendo or jokes; foul or obscene gestures or language, displays of foul or obscene printed or visual material; physical contact, such as patting, pinching or brushing against another person’s body; and demands for sexual favors.

Employees who violate this policy are subject to discipline, which may include discharge.

Any employee who believes that a co-worker, supervisor or manager have sexually harassed them, or any guest, should promptly report the incident and the attendant facts to their supervisor, or in the alternative, to the Human Resources Department.

All reports of harassment will be immediately investigated.  The strict confidentially of witnesses will be maintained.  There will be no retaliation or adverse consequences to any employee who reports sexual harassment.


The purpose of the Open Door guideline is to implement the philosophy of Component Finishing that employees should be encouraged to raise their work-related concerns informally with their immediate supervisors or with any supervisor of their choice.  Component Finishing will attempt to keep all such expressions of concern, their investigation, and the terms of their resolution confidential, recognizing, however that in the course of investigating and resolving the concerns some dissemination of information to others may be appropriate.

You are encouraged to raise work-related concerns with your immediate supervisor as soon as possible after the event that causes concerns.  Alternatively, if you believe that your immediate supervisor is not the appropriate person with whom to raise the concern, you may raise it with the Human Resources Department or with any Company supervisor of your choice.


Hours of Work

            Working hours for the first shift Departments

            Normal Workdays:      7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

                                                Monday through Friday

            Lunch break                11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

            Daily rest periods        8:50 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

                                                1:30 p.m. to 1:40 p.m.


You are expected to be at your workstation and ready to work at the beginning of your assigned daily work hours, and you are expected to remain at your workstation until the end of your assigned work hours, except for approved breaks and lunch.  At lunchtime, if you leave company property, you must clock out and clock back in when you return.  When your work takes you away from your workstation, please let your manager know where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.

Be aware that “excessive” time off could lead to disciplinary action.

Be aware that we use a “no fault” attendance program for all employees. 

The phone number for reporting absences is (502-774-4545).  Please tell us your name and leave a reason why you cannot come to work and a number you can be reached by your supervisor.

Remember though, production must go on…and on time.  So, good attendance is one of the most important responsibilities at Component Finishing.  It is important factor in making promotions and pay raises.  Because chronic absenteeism or tardiness makes it difficult for our production to run smoothly, an excessive record of either could be cause for dismissal.


Your paycheck is important, but it does not represent all of the compensation you receive from Component Finishing.  Not only do you receive your wages each payday, you also receive a substantial number of employee benefits that represent real dollars to you and your family.   Employee benefits are available to full time employees who have completed their 90-day probationary period.

The Company reserves the right to change benefits at any time with or without notice.


Another advantage that you will enjoy working for Component Finishing is the occasional day off.  Holidays are observed whenever possible with time off, even though they are without pay.  We will strive to make up the hours the following work week so that you will not miss days pay.  The following holidays are observed, again when production allows:

New Years Day – January 1st            

Memorial Day – Last Monday in May

Independence Day – July 4th

Labor Day – First Monday in September                  

Thanksgiving – 4th Thursday in November

Christmas Day – December 25 th


Regular full time employees with continuous service with Component Finishing are entitled to a paid vacation according to the following plan:

                        1 Year Service                         40 Hours

                        3 Years Service                       80 Hours

An employee’s present hire date with Component Finishing will be used in calculating vacation earned.  Employee will be paid for vacation hours earned from the previous year of service and only the days that are requested time off.  Vacation time cannot be accumulated from year to year.  If you do not use your vacation time in the timeframe allotted, the vacation hours will be forfeited.

Every effort will be made to grant your vacation for the time you desire.  However, vacation cannot interfere with the department’s operation and therefore must be approved by our manager at least one (1) month in advance.  If any conflicts arise in requests for vacation time, preference will be given the employee with the most seniority.  Unapproved vacation will not be paid. 

            Group Insurance

Your coverage under our comprehensive medical insurance plan will become effective at the beginning of the first day of the month after you have completed your probationary period (90 days) with Component Finishing. 

For employees who elect spouse or family coverage, it is especially important to your Medical Insurance that you let us know of any changes such as marriage, birth of a child, etc. right away.  The employee must make application for enrollment within 30 days of the special circumstances.  The effective date of coverage for an eligible employee and any other dependents that are enrolled as a result of birth, adoption, placement for adoption, or marriage is the date of the event.

Eligible employees who do not enroll or change their coverage selection during the open enrollment period must wait until the next annual open enrollment period. 

The company pays the health insurance premium for employees.  All other cost are the responsibility of the employee. 

Social Security

A percentage of your earnings, fixed by law, are deducted from your gross pay each week.  This is credited to your account (which carries the same number as your Social Security card), and paid to the Federal Government together with an equal amount currently paid by Component Finishing.

Workers’ Compensation

All employees of Component Finishing are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance in the event of injuries or accidents while at work.  This provides insurance for medical expenses for accidents. 

It is very important that your report any injury on the day it occurs to your supervisor, so that the necessary forms can be completed.   You should report all accidents and injuries regardless of how minor they may seem because they can develop complications later and because we want to correct the cause of the accident to prevent future recurrences.

Plant Rules and Regulations

The rules listed below are necessary in order to safeguard property, to protect the rights of other employees and maintain a safe efficient organization.  Each employee is expected to familiarize himself with these rules and comply with the provisions set forth below.  After a period of one (1) year following a warning for a particular offense, that warning will not be used to compound disciplinary action.

Violation of the following rules may subject to disciplinary actions ranging from a warning to termination of employment, according to the nature, severity and the number of similar offenses. 


  1. Failure to comply with      safety and or housekeeping requirements.
  2. There shall be no      idling in the vicinity of the time clock before quitting time.
  3. Unauthorized or      improper use or care of company property and equipment.
  4. Leaving the plant for      lunch without punching out and back in.
  5. Negligence or      carelessness.
  6. Faulty or carelessness.
  7. Sub-par production.
  8. Absence from work, no      call or notification without justification.


            First Offense:              Recorded Verbal Warning

            Second Offense:         Written Warning

            Third Offense:                        Written Warning and possible three days off without pay, at                                                Company’s option.

            Fourth Offense:          TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT


  1. Failure to observe      safety rules where such failure may cause injury or significant property      loss.
  2. Reporting for work      under the influence of an intoxicant or narcotic.
  3. Punching or altering      another employee’s time card.


First Offense:             Written warning and possible five (5) days off without pay, at Company’s option.

Second Offense:        ********TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT********


  1. Proven sleeping on the      job
  2. Carrying and/or using      firearms or concealed weapons on company property.
  3. Refusal to carry out a      reasonable direct order from management or foreman.  REFUSING      TO DO AN ASSIGNED JOB BY GOING HOME IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION      OF EMPLOYMENT.
  4. Theft or unauthorized      removal or attempted removal of company property or other employee’s      property.
  5. New hires      misrepresenting or willfully withholding facts in applying for or holding      a job.
  6. Gross negligence which      results in injury to self, others, or company property or equipment.
  7. Horseplay resulting in      injury to self, others, or company property or equipment.
  8. Fighting or attempting      to injure others.
  9. Absence from work for a      period of three consecutive work days without notifying the company unless      there is proof of very unusual circumstances.

In the event an employee commits an intolerable offense, he will be suspended by the foreman and the case will be discussed with management as soon as possible after the offense is committed.  The employee will meet with the foreman and management to determine the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken.

Absentee Policy

You are allowed 12 unexcused absences.  On the 13th occurrence, you will be terminated.


  1. Doctor’s notes will be      accepted as excused for the employee.
  2. Doctor’s notes will be      accepted as excused for the dependent.
  3. Doctor’s notes will be      accepted for spouses and immediate family in an emergency situation.


  1. Jury Duty
  2. Death in immediate      family
  3. Death in spouses      immediate family
  4. Government appointments

******************NO OTHER ABSENCES WILL BE EXCUSED*************

Per year means that each occurrence will drop off as it reaches exactly one year after it was incurred.

Example……..Absent April 19, 2005 drops off April 19, 2006.


Voluntary Termination - Component Finishing will consider an employee to have voluntarily terminated his or her employment if an employee does any of the following:

Involuntary Termination – An employee may be terminated involuntarily for reasons that may include poor performance, misconduct, or other violations of the Plant Rules and Regulations.


In accordance with the Louisville Health Department Ordinance No. 123, Series 2005, this                         facility is a smoke free facility. 


All employees must park in the employee parking lot. 


Safety and security considerations prohibit unauthorized visitors from entering or remaining on our premises without permission and without a proper escort.